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Different type of headaches in Chinese medicine

Pain in front of head and forehead: Usually related to stomach

Pain on the lateral sides of the head(temporal): Usually related to Liver/Gallbladder

Pain on top of the head(Vertex): Related to liver

Pain behind the head (Occipital): Either related to the external pathogens like wind or related to Kidney/Bladder

Pain which is sharp/stabbing and in a fixed location: Blood stasis

Pain accompanied with dizziness and palpitation: usually related to blood deficiency

Pain with feeling of heaviness: Related to phlegm/dampness

Pain which comes and goes and is mild in nature: Usually related to lung or spleen deficiency

Chronic pain with feeling of a hollow in head: Kidney essence deficiency

In Chinese medicine headache is not a symptom. It's a disease and to treat this disease an assessment is needed. After the assessment and once the disease causing pattern was diagnosed, acupuncture or herbal formulas used for the treatment. The pattern could be the cause of many other diseases or conditions. so, by treating the headache, the other conditions will improve too. This is the beauty of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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