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Is personal training intimidating?

Personal training sessions shouldn't be intimidating

I’ve trained more than 250 different clients since I've started my career. I’ve realized that the majority of clients share the same type of feelings as soon as they start their fitness training sessions with their coach. Working out with a personal trainer might sound intimidating to a lot of fitness newbies. Clients have a fear of failing at doing the exercises correctly, which can make them embarrassed in front of everyone at the gym. Their lack of strength, coordination, and stamina might result in a bad experience on their first session. As a trainer, I believe that if any client experiences such a moment, the person to blame is his/her trainer. A fitness coach is supposed to interview and assess the clients thoroughly before asking them to do any intense exercise. Based on the information from this assessment, the trainer needs to select the right kind of exercises with the suitable intensity level. Clients should feel the progress gradually as they get stronger, more balanced, and more coordinated. They should feel they are capable of doing the exercises they're asked to do on their first session. Exercises are supposed to become more complicated as clients improve their physical abilities. Killing the clients on their first session with a set of intense and potentially injuring exercises isn’t a sign of being a great trainer! It shows the trainer's lack of knowledge about conditioning, neuromuscular adaptation, muscle fibers, connective tissues, periodization, and a lot more anatomy and exercise physiology related subjects! On the other hand, clients should realize that feeling extreme soreness or pain after the training session doesn't indicate that they had a great workout session! Selecting the right approach for training new clients creates the trust between clients and their trainer more quickly. Once the clients believe their trainer considers their fitness levels and conditions before setting up any exercise plan, there will be no more intimidation connected to their sessions. People who hesitate to hire a fitness trainer because of that intimidation should spend more time on finding the right trainer. A knowledgeable and focused trainer can help the clients overcome all of their initial fears. Always remember that your progress should be achieved smoothly and pain-free.

Hooman Jamshidi Founder @Dur1 Health Registered massage therapist, Certified personal trainer E: C: 416.726.4652

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