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Don't feel like working out today?

If you're one of those, who comes back home from work and gets comfortable on the couch and makes thousands of excuses for not working out then read on.

When it comes to exercising the real challenge for many people is to initiate the routine and mainly the first five minutes into the workout. This is primarily because of the joint pain, inflammation and the heaviness of the body which sends a message from your brain to keep that comfortable position and don't increase the stress on your body. If you start the exercise in a right way and because of different physiological changes inside the body, it'll be much easier to continue the workout after that time. So, you need a way to get yourself off the couch on your treadmill or into your gym, and here I'll suggest one way as a kick start for you. I've put this routine together by using the knowledge of acupuncture and exercise physiology and anatomy. Follow these five steps to initiate your workout and let me know if it could help you to have one or two more workouts each week.

1- Press this point for 15 sec on either hand. DON'T PRESS THIS POINT IF YOU'RE PREGNANT.

2- Press this point for 15 sec on each leg

3- Press this point for 15 sec on each leg and take some deep breath in and out.

4- Rotate your hips side to side this way for 30 sec

5- Hold knee to chest pose for 30 sec and take

Stay healthy,

Hooman Jamshidi Founder @Dur1 Health Registered massage therapist (RMT), Certified personal trainer, student Acupuncturist E: C: 416.726.4652

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