Which emotions affect what organs?

Emotions are profound and important concepts in Chinese medicine. The imbalance of our emotions is the root of many different conditions and diseases. Here is a list of the relationships between various emotions and the organs which become affected if the emotions become out of control.


Can affect the Liver. It makes the liver energy stagnate, go upward towards the head or go out of control to attack the stomach or spleen

2- Joy

Can affect the Heart. Too much joy scatters or slows down the energy of the heart. Palpitations, depression and other symptoms may appear.

3- Sadness

Can affect the Lung and/or Heart. Prolonged sadness weakens and dissolves the energy of these two organs. Shortness of breath or depression may occur.

4- Worry

Can affect the Spleen and/or Lung. It can stagnates the energy. Creates shortness of breath and abdominal bloating

5- Pensiveness, overthinking

Can affect the Spleen. Creates diarrhea and digestive problems

6- Fear/Terror

Can affect the Kidney. It can create the energy of the body in general, urination problem, lower back or knee pain.

7- Shock/Fright

Can affect the Kidney or Heart. It may cause sleeping problems, palpitations, etc.

Emotions in general are parts of our nature. Only when they become out of balance, they cause problems. Creating a balance in our life style, meditation, exercising, clean eating and acupuncture can help us keep our emotions in control.

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