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Personal Trainer

Hooman Jamshidi
Founder of Dur1Health, Registered Massage therapist, Certified personal Trainer-Personal Trainer, Student TCM & Acupuncturist

"Making people fit & healthy"

This strong passion led to a significant change in my professional life. A shift from engineering field to the health & fitness world!

My strongest skill is the ability to see my clients' bodies as a whole system and to analyze their conditions thoroughly before I make plans to train or treat them. This makes my plans truly customized for my clients.

Not everyone who starts a fitness training plan is injury free, and it's essential that the personal trainer knows how to deal with the injuries and musculoskeletal conditions to help the clients reach their fitness goals.

I'm very passionate about what I do and staying, learning, and growing in this business for 17 years has proven that. I'm ready to help you feel fitter and healthier like the way I've helped many others. Meet me at our neat fitness studio for a chat. It may be the beginning to your health and fitness journey.

Kathy Sohi
Personal Trainer
Can-fit-pro certified trainer, Student massage therapist

Kathy's been training her clients for the past six years. She's also a student massage therapist. She provides a fun environment for her clients by creating a workout routine, which includes a variety of exercises. With combining her knowledge and the love to help others get fit, her clients achieve fantastic results within a short time. Kathy keeps educating herself by taking different courses and attending health and fitness seminars. Apart from her passion for health and fitness, Kathy enjoys playing different sports, especially tennis and swimming. 

George Chountalos
Personal Trainer
Can-fit-pro certified trainer, CHEK Institute Health Coach Student

George is passionate about helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals. Some of his clients have taken to calling him a health hound over the years. 

His passion for health started when he did a bachelors in Biochemistry and his Masters in Pharmacology. After his education, he shifted gears into personal training because he is passionate about helping others. His approach is very holistic, meaning he takes a look at each client's body as a whole and makes a specific program around what each client needs and can handle. 

George is constantly looking to improve the way he helps his clients and is currently studying to be a health coach through the CHEK institute. 

Hi, my name is Hooman Jamshidi, and I'm the founder of Dur1 Health. I'm a registered massage therapist (RMT), a certified personal trainer, and an anatomy & remedial exercise teacher at pharma medical sciences college of Canada and Royal Canadian College of Massage therapy. I am also currently studying the acupuncture and TCM program.

For the past 17 years that I've been working in the field of health & fitness, I've trained my clients for more than 20000 hours. Clients who wanted to lose weight, athletes who wanted to perform better and injured individuals who tried to get back to their daily routines. By keeping my therapy and fitness training knowledge updated, I've been trying to offer the highest level of services to my clients.


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