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How to select healthy food choices

A common mistake when trying to eat healthy is just focusing on counting calories. But, it's better to pay attention to the kind of food we eat, how it behaves, and its temperature, considering our body's conditions. According to Chinese medicine, everyone may have certain imbalances and syndromes. Sometimes, these imbalances don't show symptoms, but they can still affect us. So, our food choices should be based on these imbalances.

For example, if a woman deals with premenstrual pain and irritability, it's advised to avoid foods like lamb or alcohol that can make the symptoms worse. Another example is eating raw and cold foods, like salads with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, thinking they're low in calories. What's not so obvious is that these raw foods can tire out our digestive system, making it less effective.

If you stick to raw foods for a long time, your tired digestive system might not absorb all the good stuff from your food, even if it seems healthy. This could lead to problems like low energy, loose stools, joint pain, and feeling down. So, it's crucial to choose foods based on a thorough assessment of your body's imbalances. You can get this done through a Chinese medicine health check, which helps tailor your diet to your body's unique needs. By taking this approach, you're not only promoting overall well-being but also getting in tune with your body for a healthier lifestyle.

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