Too much or too little. Which one is better?

It’s widely believed that the key to have a happy and healthy life is "Moderation"

Avoiding excess in anything we do in our life means we follow the rule of moderation. Too much or too little of everything can create imbalance and disharmony. Too much joy and too little joy may both result in depression. Too much eating causes overweight whereas too little eating may result in lack of energy and low body immunity system.

Here are some examples of some excessive activities and how they can affect our health according to the Chinese medicine concept:

- Excessive use of the eyes injures the blood and heart which is related to the blood.

- Excessive use of one specific body part may cause qi (energy) stagnation in that area (e.g. A carpenter who uses his forearm frequently may suffer from a chronic arm pain due to the blockage of energy path).

- Excessive lying down injures the lungs.

- Excessive sitting injures the muscles and spleen.

- Excessive standing injures the bones and the kidneys.

- Excessive exercising damages the sinews and the liver. Especially for girls during puberty time.

- Excessive sexual activities deplete kidney Jing (A valuable reserve source of energy)

- Excessive consumption of cold drink and raw foods can damage the spleen

- Eating in a hurry, eating late at night, eating when upset can damage stomach yin

- Lack of exercise leads to stagnation of qi (Energy)

- Excessive consumption of hot and spicy foods can injure liver and stomach

- Excessive weight lifting can damage the kidneys

- Excessive consumption of alcohol, dairy and coffee leads to internal dampness and can injure the spleen

- Excessive joy affects the heart

- Excessive sadness affects the lungs

- Too much worry and overthinking damages the spleen

- Excessive anger affects the liver

- Excessive Fear can damage the kidneys

Too much greed to make more money or a lack of desire to work and build a reasonable wealth can both lower the quality of life. There are many other examples you may add to this list based on your personal experience or the stories you've seen or heard in your life.

Follow the moderation rule and enjoy the life with your family.

Stay healthy

Hooman Jamshidi Founder @Dur1 Health Registered massage therapist (RMT), Certified personal trainer, Student Acupuncturist


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