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Some tips about the foods after Covid lockdown

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

There is no need to mention the extent of the physical and emotional damage to our society after the recent locked down.

The level of stress due to the uncertainty about the future along with the lack of movement and exercise have affected the health of people.

Depression, anxiety, irritability, anger, frustration, pains, headaches are just some of the symptoms which we see amongst the society after the lockdown time.

According to the Chinese medicine concept whenever there is an exessive emotional problems, the main organ which become affected is the Liver. The Liver is in charge of the smooth flow of Qi( energy ) in the body and once the energy of the liver becomes stagnated due to the emotional problems, the whole energy system inside the body will be affected. Also, as a result, the flow of the nutrition and blood will become abnormal. Headaches, pain under the ribs, anger with no explanation, skin problems, tinnitus, moodiness, irregular and painful periods, stomach ache and depression are some of the symptoms which could be related to the liver Qi stagnation.

Of course for every individual, an extensive assessment is needed to find out the underlying pattern which causes the problems.

However, because of the popularity of the liver Qi stagnation as a problem which has been increased after the Covid lockdown, I bring some examples of foods which can help you improve the liver Qi stagnation plus some tips about the foods to avoid in the case of a liver Qi stagnation.

Foods and herbs which are good for the liver Qi stagnation:

Basil, onions, mint, dill, tumeric, cabbage, beets, cherries, sweet rice, peach, lemon, asparagus, celery, cucumber and apple cider vinegar

Foods to avoid:

Margarine, hydrogenated fats, greasy food, fried foods, alcohol, dairy products, sugar and cold drinks.

Stay Healthy,

Hooman Jamshidi

Registered massage therapist, Certified personal trainer, Student acupuncturist

Founder @ Dur1 Health

C: 416.726.4652

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