How does a healthy person's tongue look like?

It's believed in Chinese medicine that the tongue reflects the health condition of the person.

The shape, color, coating and wetness can give the acupuncturist a lot of information about what's going on inside. Of course pulse checking, observation and a comprehensive health and lifestyle interview are also needed to complete the assessment process. It's interesting to know that there are around 30 different types of pulse qualities.

A healthy tongue is believed to have a light red or pinkish color, it's not swollen, it has a thin white and moist coating.

If the color is too red, it can show the internal heat. If it's too pale, it may show a sign of blood deficiency. A thick yellowish dry coating can indicate extreme heat (fire).

Different areas of the tongue are also related to different organs. For example the tip of the tongue is related to the heart. Many times, we see patients with a red tip tongue which can indicate an emotional problem which is a problem related to the heart such as insomnia or depression.

Here is a picture of a normal tongue:

Please remember that to check your health condition, a full assessmet is needed to be done by a Chinese medicine practitioner.

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