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Crawl before you walk!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Babies don’t just wake up one day and start walking. It usually takes a lot of pushing, pulling and crawling as well as falling and getting back up before they’re able to put it all together and take their first steps. Babies gain their core stability and strength before they use their limbs to walk. It’s as if they inherently know that movement starts from the core. If babies understand this, then why should adults expect to be able to perform a proper set of complicated movements like squats or deadlifts before training their cores as well as improving their flexibility? As a beginner, don't ignore basic exercises like kneeling superman, plank, prone W, bridge and crunches to name a few. Just because you’re not pumping weights doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard. These exercises can help you gain the required core strength and stability, especially in first stages of your training before progressing to more complicated movements. Remember, to be successful; you should crawl before you walk!

Hooman Jamshidi Founder @Dur1 Health Registered massage therapist, Certified personal trainer E: C: 416.726.4652

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